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Kenneth Rice Doudt

Kenneth Rice Doudt

Kenny drowned off the coast of Kauai while surfing. For those who knew him, he was a devoted surfer from an early age and created a life that allowed him to pursue his passion.  He is survived by 3 sons - Justin, Jeremy, and Jerry.


KENNY DOUDT LONGTIME KAUAI SURFER PERISHES OFF COAST JULY 22, 2010 BY SURFER SOCIAL ICON RSS KENNY DOUDT Longtime Kauai Surfer Perishes Off Coast The waters off of Kauai claimed yet another surfer this year as long-time resident and avid waterman Kenny Doudt died while surfing on Kauai’s south shore. Doudt was 53 years old and passed away on May 5. According to friends, Doudt was an integral part of the Kauai surf scene and was extremely well liked by all who knew him. “He was the man. He was a great surfer. He took care of everybody,” said friend Alvin Ganzer. “That’s the way we do things down here.” “He was just a really good guy. We are gonna miss him a lot around here” – Margo Oberg Doudt was the third experienced surfer to die off of Kauai’s south shore in the past 12 months. According to local news reports, Eric Carvalho, 48, and Russell Souza, 47, like Doudt, had surfed the area for decades. Carvalho died last July, and Souza died in September 2005. The number of experienced surfers drowning in the past 12 months has left the Kauai surfing community shaking their heads. “It’s just baffling to me,” said surf shop owner Miguel Graham. According to a Kauai police department, Doudt was found floating face down at about 2:45 p.m. 
By the time three surfers had paddled him from the peak to the shore, Doudt had perished. County Public Information Officer Mary Daubert said that autopsy results confirmed the cause of death was drowning. Doudt made headlines nearly 27-years ago when he was brutally attacked by a 15-foot Great White off the coast of Oregon. The attack nearly killed Doudt, causing a massive laceration down the left side of his body, draining him of six pints of blood. Miraculously, Doudt survived the attack and was back in the water two-and-a-half months later. Doudt would later go on to move to Hawaii and author a book about the attack entitled, Surfing with the Great White Shark and also maintained a website at Surf legend and long-time friend Margo Oberg echoed the sad sentiments about Doudt’s passing, “He was just a really good guy. We are gonna miss him a lot around here.” 

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05/24/10 10:55 PM #1    

Priscilla Fugate (Walters)

I was so sad to hear of Kenny's death. He was such a sweet guy, and a great spirit. Several years ago, he survived a great white  shark attack off the coast of Oregon. He wasn't deterred, and he returned to what he loved--surfing. The world was a better place with him in it. 


05/25/10 09:44 AM #2    

Scott Sheldon

WOW! I can't believe it! I was looking forward to seeing Kenny next year. Sorry but my first thought when I saw this is.....that just sucks big time!

Rest well Kenny

11/17/10 09:12 PM #3    

Denise McDanel (Sykes)

Kenny called me a few years ago. He asked about Suzanne, knowing that we were close friends. He was excited when I told him that my husband was also a surfer. A gulf coast surfer like he was for so many years. Walter at 57 still surfs , several times a year. It was sad to hear that Kenny passed away.  He was doing what he loved. He sent us a copy of his book, which he signed,  I hope others will read his book .What a kind and unique man he was. He travelled to the beat of a different drummer, like Walter. God Bless his family, and those that knew him.. 

03/01/11 07:20 AM #4    

Timothy Lynn Robertson

Kenny was one of my best friends in school. We had many surfing adventures together. We spent many summers together at surfside enjoying life. I spoke with him from time to time in Hawaii but never was able to go see him. I will miss him.

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