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Darrell Ray Ward

Darrell Ray Ward

DARRELL R. WARD passed away on November 23, 2009.

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03/08/10 10:38 PM #1    

Sue Speir

My brother-in-law, Darrell, passed away in late November of 2009. Our friends on Facebook knew of his passing and were so kind to share memories and warm thoughts. I'll try to share some of those memories later. Sue Ward Speir

03/27/10 09:31 PM #2    

Sue Speir

I met Darrell in September of 1965. We were 12 years old and in 7th grade Science class at Spring Woods Junior High. There would be no particular reason for remembering that class were it not for what happened during the second semester. In a bold move, Spring Branch schools decided to run a pilot program at one 7th grade junior high in the District. They would teach a six week program on Sex Education. This decision caused a huge uproar in the community. Never before had something so intimate been discussed; much less taught to children. Our school, our grade and our class became the test case.

Our Science teacher was 100 years old if she was a day. On the first day of the Sex Education class she stood at the front of the class looking through her thick eyeglasses and assured us that she understood we might be shy about asking certain questions regarding sex in mixed company. So, in her innocence, she placed a shoebox with an opening in the top on her desk. We were instructed to write down any questions we might be uncomfortable about asking, place them in the box and periodically she would open the box and answer every question about sex that was submitted.

It was at that point a light bulb went off over the heads of two boys seated in the back left hand corner of the classroom. Huddled over their black lab table, Cullen King and Darrell Ward devised a plan to sabotage the question box, our 100 year old teacher and the entire Sex Education course. Word spread quickly in the classroom that Darrell and Cullen were stuffing the box with questions the elderly teacher would find difficult to answer. Keep in mind, in 1965, a 12 or 13 year old boy’s knowledge of sex was pretty much limited to fold out pictures in a girly magazine and whispers of things older brothers talked about. There wasn’t too much damage they could do by today’s standards but, try they did.

It was clear our teacher dreaded each day the question box had to be opened. Darrell and Cullen sat in the back corner busily composing new questions and listening with eager anticipation, to hear which loaded question from the day before would be answered next. The rest of the class watched with muffled giggles as our teacher read the each question silently, adjusting her glasses as she composed herself enough to answer that day’s bombshell.

Darrell and Cullen became heroes in the 7th grade. They walked the halls a little taller knowing other boys looked at them with awe and silently wished they had thought of loading the question box first.

Our Sex Education class ended with each of us learning the basic anatomy of the human body and the reproductive system. We also learned a few things that were not covered in the curriculum, thanks to Darrell and Cullen.
We had so much fun in that 7th grade Science class that on the last day of school I took a picture of the group. If you look at the back lab table, you will see Darrell and Cullen with smirks on their faces, knowing that for a brief time, they ruled the class and they were legends in 7th grade.

04/06/10 02:04 PM #3    

David Berry

funny story!!!!!! thanks for sharing Sue...

04/10/10 08:54 PM #4    

Sue Speir

We tried to post both Darrell's Senior picture and the photograph of the 7th grade Science class but both would not be accepted. I thought Darrell's class photo was more important. Rest in peace brother in law. You are missed.

04/26/10 10:51 PM #5    

Pamela Ann Cannon (Harrison)

I'm so glad that I had the opportunity to talk to Darrell before he passed.  I was in Houston for about 3 mos and spoke with him a few times. I'll miss you my friend, you and John were always like a brother to me. Love u forever.

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