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Dollie Marshman

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Laurie Nini (Slavin)

Dollie & her family moved in across the street from me in 8th grade.  We became friends instantly.  Dollie married Louis Zabawa the summer of '70 and they had a beautiful baby boy they named Shannon.  After graduation we lost touch.  In '76 I was married & living in Austin when I received a letter from Dollie.  She & Louis had divorced & she had remarried & she & Shannon were living with her new husband in Ennis, TX.  We corresponded for about 6 months & were trying to figure out a way to get together.  Suddenly all correspondence stopped.  A year later I was in Houston visiting my family when I ran into Dollie's Mom in Eagle grocery store.  That is when I found out Dollie had been killed at the hands of her then husband, David McAllister.  David was evidently a controlling & abusive husband, which was something I came to realize in hindsight while re-reading her letters "between the lines".  It explained why we would come so close to making plans to get together only to have her back out at the last minute.  According to Dollie's Mom she had finally gotten the courage to leave him.  That morning she got up early & had plans to have a friend drive her & Shannon to the bus station to return to Houston.  David came to her house that morning & as she ran to the next door neighbor for help he shot her. 

Dollie was a sweet person.  We had many fun times together.  I think of her often...

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