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Tom Snell

Tom Snell

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03/22/10 10:17 PM #1    

Scott Sheldon

Man, I remember when Tom passed. I had just talked to him about 2 days before. Tom was one of the best guys in the world. We loved going to Austin and seeing Tom and just laying low. Tom knew everyone....Willie on down. I think about him often. I miss you Tom. I wish I could have been there with you. Sorry buddy!

04/28/10 02:29 PM #2    

Dusty Wakeman

Tom was one of my first friends when I moved back to Houston for 9th grade. We used to go to all the concerts togehter with his older brothers. We saw Jimi Hendrix, Cream, the Who - all on their first tours, circa 1968. He came for a visit in LA shortly before his death. He was a great friend.

05/31/10 05:29 PM #3    

Jay Means

i lived in austin as did tom. used to see him often. he had a cool house in the hills with a great view out the back. tom was a cool guy and a gentle soul. those were great times. we miss him.

06/07/10 03:09 AM #4    

Michael Austin Pritchard

Tom and I were roomates when he died.  I remember getting a call from the coroner's office at the house and I just couldn't believe it was true, he had been killed in a terrible car wreck.  We were both twenty-seven that year.  He was gone too soon, for sure.  He was one of my best buds, and I think of him through the years, missing him and all he missed.  He would have loved to have seen us all now, and gotten a good laugh I am sure, as he was quick with a smile and a funny story.  He was a trend setter, photographer, jewelry maker, critic and lover of music and art, and connoiseur of life.  We miss you Tommy!

06/18/10 06:27 PM #5    

Debra Donham (Barr)

Tom was on his way to my house for my son Tre's 3rd or 4th (I think 4th) birthday party.  Almost everyone was there, waiting for him.  He was late, which wasn't unusual.  So we jammed and drank and ate superhero cake without him, knowing he'd be there sooner or later.  Then Micheal called.  I don't know if the party was exactly on Tre's birthday, the 9th, or the weekend before or after, and if it was '79 or '80.  But our party turned into a wake that lasted all night and into the morning.  One if the songs we sang over and over was that Bonnie Raitt tune about drinking "Margaritas with Fernando".  A lot of grown men cried salty tears that night.

In high school, after your family moved to Metarie, you'd show up on the front porch periodically with your back pack and ask to sleep on the couch.  My mom never did mind because you were one of her faves.  You always asked to hear my latest tunes, even in Austin, giving constructive criticism or just nodding in approval.  That meant all the world to me because you heard music from some of the best artists of our time.  When I wrote "Living Underground In Mexico", you said it was the best I'd ever done. 

I always have and always will miss that crooked, impish grin, the sparkling eyes, and your genuine friendship.  Tom, I'll see you again someday.  Maybe then we won't have to wait in line all night to to get tickets to come back and wait in line to get tickets to see the Stones!!!!!  Save me a place on your couch.  Love always......

02/06/15 05:35 AM #6    

Michael Alan LeMay

i was at that hendrix and who concert ,i think at the houston coliseum .Those were the days.No more to be said because those times are still a little fuzzy,but i do remember hendrix lighting his sratocaster on fire and putting it through his marshall amps before walking off stage.We ran around in toms circle of friends and he will be missed.Hope to see you again one day tom but until that time may you R.I.P.

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