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Craig Alford

Craig Alford

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03/22/10 10:29 PM #1    

Scott Sheldon

I grew up with you Craig.
Lived with Eddie and Gary back in the day.
You'd drop by to keep things exciting.
Eddie is gone now too. I miss and love Eddie so much. He was taken so early.
We were all together so much I was almost an Alford.
I think we'd all do it different if we had do-overs.
Man, but we don't get do-over's though do we.

05/22/10 05:18 PM #2    

Debra Donham (Barr)

I was shocked and saddened to learn that you'd gone over the Rainbow Bridge.  Maybe I'll see you again someday, God willing.  We were in a couple of classes together.  I didn't know you well, but I remember that you were such a wild child, had a great sense of humour, and a very sexy smile. 

10/14/11 08:45 AM #3    

Sandra Gayle Godwin (Cooper)

Sorry to hear this. Does anyone know when and what happened?

This site brings back alot of memories from those SW days. Craig and I had some classes together. I remember a last minute date with him to a homecoming game. His date had to cancel for some reason, so me being a friend, I agreed to go. The glitter was still damp on the mum corsage (the ones w/all the ribbons & trinkets). I guess he had already ordered it, had to have the florist change a couple of letters to make it my name. You could still see where the other letters had been. LOL! I never said anything, and hey, I got to go to dinner and the game. Also remember how Craig was this cute, shorter than me (5'3"), blonde surfer guy (probably 8th grade, that was such a fun year before hs), then over the summer he grew like over a foot and towered over me! Rest in peace Craig.

Since we're talking about the Alford's, I really have missed Eddie over the years. I went steady w/Eddie in 9th? grade and we remained friends until his passing on Feb 14, I can't remember the year, sometime in the early 80's?. He was such a fantastic artist and a real gentle soul. After hs, I remember the Christmastime before his accident, went w/my ex (Jim Wahlberg) to visit Eddie in Missouri. We rode horses in the snow and ice, it was so cool! We rode to the store, it got dark and freezing by the time we got back to his house and got the fire going, we had taken his doberman pup with his ears taped (after trimming/clipping?) and took turns carrying him on the horses. That's the closest I've ever come to frostbite, hurt really bad as we warmed up. That December was the last time I ever saw him. Rest in peace Eddie.

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